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We love cars. We love all of them. We are passionate about the waving lines of an Italian coupé, the precision of a 300SL's dashboard, the durability of a Land Rover Series I and the practicality of a Fiat 500.

But our jaws also drop down when we see a groundscraping hot-rod rolling by with the exhausts in flames, when we look at a bouncing low rider, or at the  wheelarches of a bosozoku-style Toyota Crown.

But how can all of this live together?  Easily. You don't need to decide whether you eat the chips or the burger. You can go for both. All of us want the same. To spend some petrol-filled time with crazy people like us.

For our fathers, who are keeping their BMW 2002s in the garage for forty years with intention to give it to their grandsons when they get the license. For those who get dressed as their grandparents at Goodwood Revival and who are taking black and white pictures of WWII warplanes. And for you. Because old cars will never go out of fashion, and there's much more about them to discover than you think.

For the spiritual descendants of those veterans who put a V8 engine in a rusty Ford and raced them in the desert. For those who competed from café to café in an overpowered motorbike. And for those with the pin-stripe tattoos, who love the smell of unnecessarily burned petrol and tyres, and the sound of scraping metal. And for you again. Because you know - as some wise man said before - life is too short for boring cars.

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In many cases owning a classic car or motorcycle somehow also means living in the past. Deny a bit of modern day technology, comfort and reliability, to keep in life something what is noisy, smelly and which can let you in the side of the road. You can  easily end the day with oily hands, or you can spend weeks searching for a rare part which is necessary for your ride. It sounds like a nightmare, but no words can describe how beautiful this world is. But how can this be great?

Relive the glorious days of vintage motorsport events or just stare at a magnificent, rolling piece of design can be lifelong experiences. And at that point we are not talking about owning one, taking care about it, showing it to the public and the most important thing: preserving a bit of the past for the future. The classic automotive world is so massive that maybe no one can see and know everything. We will try. Rusty's will be a brand new printed classic car magazine.

We are a small group of friends and there is a huge passion for old machinery in our hearts. Unfortunately we weren't born with skills what can help us to sit in the bucket seat of a racecar,  and we aren't contributing in the design process at one of the manufacturers of these days. But we have strong photography skills and we can also write some words. And we are ready to go out for a hunt and show you the greatest hits of this gorgeous segment of human history.



We would like to be honest with you. We have al the skills needed to make one of the World's best car magazines. The only thing we don't have are the funds for a huge, worldwide advertising campaign, to let you guys know about our work. So we are now asking your help. We would be very thankful if you could just click on the share button on any of the following sites and let your petrolhead friends know about us. Of course, it won't be ungrateful, we are going to reward you with great content, nice photos and some heart-touching or funny writing. Thank you! Really.

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